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In complex, heavily instrumented industries, the convergence of traditional and real-time IoT streams creates an overload of data. To turn raw data into actionable information at scale, businesses need a way to quickly and predictably capture the big picture and drill into the detail that matters. Reduce the time to insight, cut down the time to value.

Datalytyx makes volume and velocity an advantage, not a burden. With our unique IoT data classification engine, we help you to tackle the biggest, most data-intensive analysis and make decisions 700 times faster. We provide the tools, technologies and people to offer you a powerful, pure software solution for your real-time time series data projects, regardless of size and complexity. Fast deployment, rapid scale.

We support modern data projects by providing a managed data platform for analytics and machine learning, using only best-in-class data tools. We integrate your environment with platforms from our carefully selected set of partners – Talend, Snowflake and Databricks – creating a single integrated platform for Data and AI. We provide the best and brightest in data expertise and talent – including engineers, scientists and analysts – to manage your environment, and we make them available to you 24 x 7. For the largest-scale IoT data projects, our solutions offer seamless collection and processing of sensor data.

What does this mean for you? It means you can think bigger, move faster, dig deeper and understand better. It means you can drive down the time to decision making, deliver greater value to your network, and get from A to B at a faster pace than ever. Reduced risk, fewer headaches and no lost value.