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We are a consultancy that focuses on the relationship between technology and people, to help you unlock the true power of data within your organisation. Parity deliver positive growth for our clients by realising the true value of their data, and empowers businesses and government to make better, commercial decisions based on reliable data.

We provide expertise that delivers positive growth for our clients through Data Solutions, People Solutions and Development Solutions.

Data Solutions:
We can help you develop your data strategy, design and deliver data solutions to enable confident, commercial decision-making.

People Solutions:
We understand the people who understand data. We have access to the most experienced talent in the market to help you build a team of data experts and leaders to transform your business.

Development Solutions:
We help you shape and develop your team’s behaviours and skills for high performance, to become a date-driven organisation.

For over 45 years Parity has worked with some of the largest UK organisations to support their growth and make a positive change with their data. Our clients trust us to identify and write their data strategies, provide insight through analytics, assess the maturity of their data processes, devise an end-to-end data lifecycle for their business and support a data-driven environment.