SDG Group UK

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SDG Group UK is an independent consultancy and solutions provider which helps companies to organise, analyse and visualise data, on-premise or in the cloud.

SDG Group works with companies to plan, implement and manage cutting-edge solutions to the problems of data preparation, management, visualisation and advanced analytics. In addition, SDG Group can provide process mapping and analysis. As well as on-premise our solutions can be hosted on market leading cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

SDG Group’s expertise enables you to become data driven and derive value from your data irrespective of its scale and complexity, from departmental to “big data”, we can advise and help you on your journey.

Focusing on business objectives and benefits, SDG uses an agile and collaborative approach to deliver results quickly and cost effectively. Whether you need a complete managed service, solution development and support or just advice and enablement we are here to help.

We partners with the leading software vendors and can identify the best products for your needs.

Come and talk to us to discuss how SDG can assist you to exploit your data, gain insight and make business decisions which positively impact results.