Data projects delivered at cost deficit – how DataOps changes this

The industry talks a good game about value of data. But most organisations can only deliver use cases at a cost deficit.   The cost of acquiring, processing and storing the data is greater than the value to resell it or that it brings the organisation.  A recent large financial market...

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Big Data LDN Meetup: Implementing DataOps, notes from the front line

Speaker: Chris Conroy – Freelance Data Science Leader Implementing DataOps, notes from the front line Meetup filmed 17/10/2019

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What is DataOps and Why Do We Need It?

As businesses churn out more and more data every day, the emergence of a new set of best practices has been helping to improve the coordination between the analysis of this data and the general operation of a business. These best practices are known as DataOps – and they’ve become...

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Understanding the Big Data DevOps Shortage

Big data skills shortages continue to grab headlines, as they have for years. A look beneath those headlines reveals important context. Things have changed significantly in the age of the cloud. Commercial platforms like Cloudera and Hortonworks have evolved and there are a variety of -aaSes in the cloud: PaaS...

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