The Advantages of Moving Big Data to the Cloud

Over the last ten years, the storage and analysis of big data has taken place in huge data warehouses. Increasingly though, companies are moving their big data into the cloud, making the traditional warehouse method obsolete. Many believe making the move is a big undertaking, so what are the advantages of doing so?

1.    It isn’t as difficult as you think
One of the biggest reasons why companies are hesitant to move to the cloud is the idea that the process will be too difficult, or impossible. This is simply not true – if you’re using the most up-to-date methods, no amount of data is ‘too big’ to move, making the process a lot easier than you might first think.

2.    You can gather external data easily
Traditionally, data would come in from internal applications, however, now some facets of big data originate outside the four walls of a company – so keeping all the data on the premise is not always making the most of the data available to you. For instance, data sets like weather data and census data come in from external sources but can be hugely important to your company. So keeping clusters of data on the cloud becomes the natural solution to do the appropriate analytics.

3.    There is increased accessibility
Keeping data on the cloud also allows for use across multiple regions. Data in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere, making cloud storage a better solution if you have a business that spans borders.

4.    As well as increased flexibility
The cloud is the perfect solution for growing businesses with fluctuating bandwidth demands. You can scale up or scale down easily, depending on your needs at any particular time. The flexibility the cloud offers vs. traditional data warehouses can give you an advantage over your competitors.

5.    It will save you money
Attaining and maintaining a large data warehouse can often be a big drain on resources, particularly your IT budget as you have to purchase equipment, cool machines, and ensure the security of the warehouse. With cloud storage, the responsibility is shifted from the company to the cloud service provider – making it a more cost effective system for your business.

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