What’s next for big data in 2017?

Big data is a hugely valuable tool, helping businesses to improve productivity and performance – allowing them to expand and grow like never before. Big data is now big business around the globe -  but what innovations and changes can you expect to see in the coming year?


It’s unavoidable that big data will get even bigger in 2017, as it becomes commonplace in businesses around the world. Steve Wozniak has just joined Primary Data, a huge big data storage company, as Chief Scientist, so innovations aplenty are bound to be on the horizon. Big data is set to become a necessity to every business, meaning it’s important for all business owners and managers, if they aren’t already, to become involved as soon as possible and harness the power of big data.

A move to the Cloud

Data warehouses are a dying breed, and more and more data storage is moving to the cloud, rendering more traditional methods obsolete. Amazon has paved the way for a move to cloud storage rather than warehouses, and more business will follow suit in 2017.

Data professionals

A whole generation of young people who have grown up using statistical techniques and languages such as R, Spark and Hadoop are entering the work force at an increasing rate. In 2017, we will see increasing changes in traditional approaches to data management and analytics for the better due to these new and innovative young workers. The job titles of industry experts may also change, as more companies hire ‘Chief Insight Officers’ instead of ‘Chief Data Officers’ – reflecting the changing nature of the job and the way companies analyse big data and utilise it within their businesses.

Salaries for experts

As big data has definitely become big business over the last decade, and the salaries of data experts will continue to rise accordingly – possibly by a whopping 6.4%. Investing the extra money will be worth it for your business in the long term, however, as hiring an expert is going to mean you get more from big data platforms, allowing your business to develop and grow month on month.

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