15:10 - 15:40  |  Governance & MDM Theatre

Data Governance as a Customer Service

Wednesday 13 November 2019


Once you’ve read the theory about how to deliver a Data Governance program and you’ve realised it’s not ‘one size fits all’, and you know it’s not about IT and you realise you know what everyone else knows about Data Governance - you’re ready to get out there and do it.
But, you may be surprised to hear, that the skills you need to get it up and running, retain momentum and see it through, are the same skills needed for service excellence.
• Delivering the goods
• Putting the ME in framework
• Keep going
Data Governance is about serving up the best possible data to your organisation. Providing the data that’s needed, when it’s needed, safely and conveniently.
If you offer Data Governance as a Service, and you embed that ethos into your business community, as with any good service provider, you’ll have customers queuing up for it.