10:30 - 11:00  |  Self-Service Analytics Theatre

Democratising data – how we built a self-serve data platform

Thursday 14 November 2019


Auto Trader is the UK's leading digital automotive marketplace. We receive 60 million cross-platform visits each month. Interpreting the vast quantity of data we collect is essential for our and our customers success.

Three years ago Auto Trader started building a new cloud-based data platform. Our mission was to empower us and our customers to make informed data-driven decisions, by democratising access to data and promoting a self-serve platform. We wanted to increase our capability for complex analyses and data-science-led data products, while making it easier than ever before for new users to access the data they need.

We'll walk you through the architecture of our multi-cloud data platform, and the various tools we're using to fulfil this mission, including AWS S3, Apache Spark, Databricks, Google BigQuery and Looker.