15:10 - 15:40  |  Blueprint Theatre

Enhance Developer Experience using OpenShift on Azure

Thursday 14 November 2019


This talk will demonstrate OpenShift on Azure offering, the first fully managed and easiest to use version of OpenShift in the cloud. Currently to develop, debug, deploy an application, a developer needs various toolsets to achieve them together and developers have power of choice now and they drive the decision making for it. As Red Hat, we have to embrace this continuity and focus on delivering integrated value to our developer community.

We present OpenShift Connector, a VSCode Extension that aims to simplify the OpenShift experience for developers. We will be running this extension that works on top on Kubernetes and OpenShift and helps the developers to create an end-to-end experience from design, code, debug and deploy. This extension currently has more than 15K+ downloads.

The talk will be concluded with a demo of deploying a Game using following scenarios.

Node front end component that uses the open source Phaser Javascript game engine.
SpringBoot backend component that uses the Red Hat OpenShift Java api to communicate with Kubernetes and OpenShift.
Deploy these components on top of our cloud-native developer tooling for Red Hat OpenShift on Azure.
The scenario will cover how to provide your own custom, developer-oriented experience for use with OpenShift on Azure cluster and configure multiple components(agnostic to any language), services, routes for a project with OpenShift on Azure and manage everything from VSCode itself. Thus a ton of easy wins here if you’re working with OpenShift & want to spin something up on the cloud quickly.

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