11:10 - 11:40  |  Blueprint Theatre

How to get the technology stack right for your business

Thursday 14 November 2019


We spend a lot of time at conferences hearing about all the incredible use cases that people have been delivering, the wild futures ahead in our industries, or how some new technology is going to fix any problem you might have.

We don’t generally hear about the (often challenging!) journey to take an organisation from the very beginnings of a data strategy, through a successful delivery, to the new business norm.

Once you have your data strategy in place, one of the next steps will involve choosing the right platform to support that strategy. Many strategies can fail to deliver because the wrong choices are made early on in this process. There’s a lot of choice in the market at the moment and every vendor will be telling you that their technology is the thing you need. So how do you pick a technology stack that aligns properly to your strategy? Join James to find out 10 questions you should be asking to get things right.