14:30 - 15:00  |  Keynote Theatre

Moments of truth across the digital value chain – the future of the data-driven enterprise

Wednesday 13 November 2019


Digital Transformation is an over-used term that is often synonymous with the outside facing transformation of organisations – new customer experiences, digital business models and embracing new technology. But the conversation that does not get enough attention are the equally important changes on the inside to reimagine how complex business processes can be made better through data-driven decision making.

In this session, Domo and IDC will share the findings from the IDC research on the moments of truth that can be realised across the digital value chain from operations to sales and marketing by reimagining how decisions are made and the power of the data-driven enterprise where all employees are able to make, collaborate on and understand decisions.

You will learn:
• The key blockers preventing the data-driven organisation from making
these decisions
• Key trends and priorities across the value chain
• How the long tail of analytics is key in driving process change and
data-driven decision making with every employee