15:10 - 15:40  |  Keynote Theatre


Wednesday 13 November 2019


For many years, TIBCO has been integral to the success of multiple ‘Data4Good’
initiatives. Numerous charities and not-for-profit organisations have leveraged
TIBCO technology to drive innovative projects that deliver results for the greater
good of society, the environment, communities and ecosystems.
You’ll hear how technology has been integral to several key programs including:
● Helping to curb rhino poaching and also protecting diamond mine assets
● Fighting poverty by uncovering useful insights to determine parking citation
levels leading to positive changes for low-income individuals.
● Using data to reduce the impact of landmines, cluster munitions, and other
explosive hazards.
● Predicting natural disaster impact for sustainable development
● Future proofing the environmental needs by providing efficient & automated
analysis for public benefit
● Helping charities share information with their shareholders or donors
TIBCO will also share details about its next ‘Data4Good’ project tackling
homelessness. The mission is to create a trusted and secure network to connect
people who are homeless, and want to make a positive change in their lives, with
organisations and people that can help them.