13:50 - 14:20  |  DataOps Theatre

Rethinking Data Warehouse Modernization in the Age of Hybrid Cloud/On-Premise Data Warehouses

Thursday 14 November 2019


Data Warehouse Modernization. On the surface sounds like a no-brainer to move to a shiny new system that runs in the cloud, costs a fraction of what you were paying before and can be turned on and off like a light switch. New advances have transformed how to think about enterprise data warehouse modernization. Traditional thinking was migrating legacy data warehouses such as Netezza, Teradata or Exadata could be challenging and risky. Today, a new generation of cloud/on-premise data warehouses with innovative hybrid architecture and high-performance advanced analytics makes the leap to data warehouse modernization easier and more compelling than ever.

Attend this session to get the inside scoop on:
- Migration best practices discussion spotlighting real-world data warehouse migrations
- How to utilize hybrid cloud/on-premise data warehouse solutions to maximize your migration success
- Strategic business benefits that one can expect from a data warehouse modernization initiative
- How new capabilities and data sources can be optimally harnessed through a modern data warehouse

Attend this session on what forward-thinking IT managers and architects are doing in the era of hybrid data sources, predictive ML-driven analytics and elastic fully managed cloud computing. Gain insight that will challenge your assumptions and open your mind to what is in store around the “data-driven” corner.Bill Westfall, VP Global Professional Services at Actian Corporation, will present this session covering key considerations for building a next generation hybrid data warehouse and how to define a reference architecture for hybrid data.