15:50 - 16:20  |  Data-Driven LDN Theatre

British Telecom: Data-Driven Digital Transformation

Wednesday 13 November 2019


Under the guidance of a "data-driven" approach, organisations must build and develop ecosystem capabilities that enable comprehensive customer understanding, intelligent decision-making, and enhance service quality and decision-making efficiency.
Unlike digital native companies, traditional organisations only have access to limited, traditional customer behaviour data such as financial transactions and asset information. Horia Selegean, Data Governance Director, will share the journey that British Telecom (BT) have embarked on for data-driven digital transformation.
Horia will share best practices and lessons learned to date on how to cope with the challenge of an organisation that needs to build an ecosystem and obtain data through service innovation or cross-industry operations. All of this to support faster business growth and make more open and agile service provisioning and deployment possible.