11:50 - 12:20  |  Governance & MDM Theatre

Optimizing your data value chain with agile data management

Wednesday 13 November 2019


Data is the fuel of digital business and transformation. But access to unified
data that is governed, secure, and trusted is one of the toughest barriers to
overcome - still, to this day. In this session, we will show how you can
make data truly pervasive throughout your organisation and make it
insightful and action-oriented, so that you can benefit from a 360-degree
view of everything.
Specifically, you will learn how to:
- Optimise your data value chain and easily access, govern, and share
all data with greater consistency and control
- Deliver consistent, IT-curated data that conforms to your enterprise
data model and standards.
- Reduce the time your business users spend searching for and
preparing data, so they can spend more time analysing it.