11:10 - 11:40  |  Keynote Theatre

Your AI is wrong! Lessons from decision-making with imperfect AI

Wednesday 13 November 2019


Accounting, auditing and consultancy firms have typically been slow to adopt AI, relying instead on the continued expertise and experience of highly trained professionals. Now, the rapid acceleration of technology, growth in volumes of data, and rising complexity of regulation seem to be compelling firms to swap human expertise for AI and machine learning. The challenge is that even modern approaches to AI are still far from perfect solutions, especially in areas such as safety, compliance and risk, when outputs have to be 100% accurate.

Join Harvey Lewis, EY’s Chief Scientist, to hear how firms are being transformed by new thinking around explainable AI and algorithmic supervision. Through real-life case studies, learn how people – still one of a company’s greatest assets – are now working side by side with algorithms to achieve accurate, safer and more collaborative decision-making.