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Zero Trust & Big Data: Keep Your Data Lake From Getting Hadooped

Wednesday 13 November 2019


The Economist wrote in 2017, “A new commodity spawns a lucrative, fast-growing industry, prompting antitrust regulators to step in to restrain those who control its flow. A century ago, the resource in question was oil. Now similar concerns are being raised by the giants that deal in data, the oil of the digital era.” Imagine if you will, a modern day version of Scrooge McDuck plunging from his diving board into a data lake.

With a valuable commodity such as what is now presented in the form of data, there needs to be a concerted effort to ensure the safety and security of this information. Various security controls that were once seen as sufficient in the past need to now be supplanted in favour of better controls such as multi-factor authentication, biometrics and WebAuthn. These controls help to address users from the perspective of fine grained access control, data access and audit. Data security risks are higher now than they have ever been before and it is incumbent upon stewards of data to ensure that there is a zero trust approach to avoid the pitfalls of an error, manipulation of breach.