Adam Mayer

Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager


Adam is in The Global Product Marketing team at Qlik, covering the entire Qlik product portfolio. He is responsible delivering the company’s Internet of Things (IoT) and GDPR go-to-market strategy.

With a strong technical background in computing, underpinned by an incisive engineering perspective, Adam is an avid follower of new technology and holds a deep fascination of all things IoT, particularly on the data analytics side and finding new ways to make it as translatable, visual and understandable to as many people as possible.

Adam is passionate about the space and believes that IoT data needs to be approached with an open mind, rather than looking for an answer. It needs to be interacted with for hidden insights and gems that organisations might not have thought about looking for.

He has over 20 years of B2B customer facing experience within the IT and automotive sectors, having previously held positions at Canon, Sony, Tevo, Fujitsu and Toshiba.