Bojan Nikolic

Principal Research Associate


Bojan is the Project Engineer and Lead Architect for the Science Data Processor element of the Square Kilometre Array Telescope, and a Principal Research Associate at the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, UK.

His research focuses on technologies and techniques which enable next-generation radio astronomy telescopes and science more broadly. Within the SKA project, Bojan is the technical lead of the effort (of about 50 scientists and engineers distributed worldwide) to design a computing system that will transform the 1 Terabyte/second of raw, uncalibrated, data from the telescope into scientifically useful images.

Previously he participated in the design, construction and commissioning of the Atacama Large [sub]Millimetre Array (ALMA), the largest ground-based astronomy project. There he helped develop the radiometric phase correction system that corrects for the disturbance to the received signal caused by turbulence in the Earth's atmosphere enabling an improvement in resolution of more than a factor of 20 compared to previous telescopes. He has also developed specialised techniques for, and helped commission, the largest movable single-dish telescope in the world, the GBT 100-metre telescope.

Bojan has also worked as a professional software engineer and mathematician in the commercial sector and has commercially developed open-source software packages.