John Tullis

Business Intelligence and Data Analyst


Dr John Tullis is a data analyst at the University of Edinburgh where he specialises in cleansing, blending and transforming large volumes of admissions data. John’s concise and easily digestible dashboards and trend reports have revolutionised his colleagues’ engagement with postgraduate recruitment statistics. John is a passionate advocate for data science and analytics platform ‘Alteryx’, and has yet to encounter a data-related problem that can’t be solved quickly and easily in Alteryx.

John is also a gifted speaker and communicator, and has presented at a wide range of conferences, workshops and meetups. John loves working with data and particularly enjoys delivering interactive demos where he and the audience get to solve problems in real time.

John holds a first-class BSc in Geography from Durham University, along with an MSc and PhD in Geographical Information Science from the University of Nottingham. Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh, John worked at Experian UK as a geospatial marketing analyst, and at Forestry Commission Scotland where he mapped and analysed a detailed survey of Scotland’s native woodlands.