Laurie Miles

Director of Analytics


Dr. Laurie Miles is director of analytics at SAS UK & Ireland and an industry expert in all things analytics. With over 25 years of real-world analytics experience, Laurie has provided analytics guidance and consultancy across all industry sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, retail and utilities. Underpinning his professional experience, Laurie holds a BSc in Econometrics, an MSc in Game Theory and a PhD in Number Theory.

Joining SAS as a consultant, Laurie has served as SAS UK’s head of retail banking technology and oversaw SAS’ technical management of HSBC globally. In his current role, Laurie provides his analytical and industry expertise to some of the UK’s largest organisations as they make their digital transformation. He was instrumental in the development of the SAS analytics-as- a-service-solution, and has led its implementation in projects across the world.