Peter Milne

Head of Technology Architecture


Peter is the Technology Architect at Adform, based in Copenhagen, where he actively is involved architecting and migrating technologies and work practices to a scalable enterprise platform. Before Adform, he was the Director of Application Engineering at Aerospike Inc, a NoSQL Database company in Silicon Valley. There Peter conducted business and evangelized Aerospike in 21 countries. Prior to Aerospike, Peter was co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at ITerative Consulting, a consulting company providing software modernization to clients in 11 countries. Prior to ITerative, Peter ran the consulting and education divisions of Forte Software (Australia), a provider of enterprise software development, deployment and management tools. Prior to Forte Software, Peter was a principal consultant with Digital Equipment Corporation, specializing in distributed computing. Peter began his career with Wang Labs (Australia) as a hardware engineer in the Asia Pacific region. He eventually became a software engineer at Wang R&D in Lowell, Mass where he helped to develop one of the first commercial email systems.

Peter is an accomplished public speaker and has spoken at CodeEurope, WarsawJS, BuildStuff Vilnius and Mallorca, QCon San Francisco, QCon New York, QCon Sao Paulo, QCon London, High Load Strategy Vilnius, Agile Tour Kaunas, Craft Budapest, GlueCon Denver and meetups on Big Data in San Francisco, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Berlin, Paris and London.

Peter received a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Computing from the University of Technology, Sydney, and has a number of postgraduate academic and commercial qualifications, including an international commercial pilots license for helicopters (ICAO CPL) and he has flown commercially and for recreation in 12 countries. Peter is a part time mad scientist, robotics enthusiast, hardware hacker and 3D printing geek.