Steering Group

Meet the team behind the event

Big Data LDN has asked the brightest and best data brains in the UK to help steer us as to where the industry is going. Our Steering Committee of data experts encompasses fields as diverse as recruitment, product marketing and, of course, events, as well as hands-on practitioners with invaluable experience of the everyday reality of working in the fast-moving world of Big Data.


Founder & Chief Data Officer,

An award-winning C-suite leader, Tim has helped a range of FTSE and private clients create value by harnessing data. Most recently, he has been Vivo Energy plc’s first Chief Analytics Officer. In a previous life, Tim was the British Army’s first CDO and Chief Analytics Officer. He has led teams of 2 to 2500 people, in Britain, Europe and globally.

Best thing about Big Data LDN?
It is part inspiring tutorial, part networking event, part cutting edge data-tech-fest, so there is something for everyone with a Big Data itch to scratch.


Chief Data Officer,
The Pensions Regulator

Johanna Hutchinson is CDO at The Pensions Regulator, where her team is aligning data into the central functions of the organisation. Johanna is an experienced Data Specialist with a demonstrated history of encouraging best practice and innovation in data use across government. She is skilled in strategy, analytics, regulation and lecturing and has a PhD in Comparative Psychology from University of Liverpool.

Best thing about Big Data LDN?
It’s one of the very few events I attend every year because of the range of topics and quality of discussion it is able to deliver over just two days.

Stefan Janusz

Senior Policy Advisor,
Office for AI

Stefan co-leads the access to data policy for the Government’s new Office for AI, recently overseeing the first in-depth research programme on the role of data trusts in partnership with the Open Data Institute. Prior to joining the Office for AI, Stefan worked in central government, developing policy and delivering initiatives around AI and data. He has a background in science and technology communication and has a PhD in Nanotechnology.

Best thing about Big Data LDN?
It’s the perfect place to hear opinions on AI and data from industry professionals.


Carruthers & Jackson

Caroline was the Chief Data Officer for international financial and legal services firm, Lowell Group, operating in the UK, Eastern and Western Europe. She was also Network Rail’s first CDO, following consulting stints at IBM and work in the telco, banking and retail sectors. Co-author of “The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook’, Caroline can impart more information per second than most, due to her high-energy Geordie delivery.

Best thing about Big Data LDN?
The chance to natter about data all day long amongst friends old and new.


Group Data Sciences, Legal & General

Former Chief Data Officer of Southern Water and so the man whose Big Data tracked on the drinking water, bathwater, bowel movements and ‘fatbergs’ of millions of UK customers. Peter previously spent 17 years consulting in financial, not for profit and financial services sectors. A fellow co-author, with Caroline Carruthers, of “The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook’ and very much the ying to her yang. Peter has recently joined Legal & General as Director, Group Data Sciences.

Best thing about Big Data LDN?
Distilling the data conversations from those about water treatment.


CEO & Founder,

The brains behind many of the pioneering Big Data moves at UK retail goliath Marks & Spencer, Jason struck out on his own to form a new full-service data and analytics agency, Cynozure, to service the growing need for business focussed expert Big Data advice, coaching, leadership and skills. Still smiling as Cynozure’s client list grows, he is the ultimate poacher turned gamekeeper.

Best thing about Big Data LDN?
No event has so many people looking to elevate their data literacy. It’s where we go to share our strategies for success.


Co-founder – Director,
Eden Smith

Founder of Big Data specialist headhunter and recruiter, Eden Smith. His encyclopedic knowledge of the space allows him to predict urgent staffing needs before most organisations know they have them. Eden Smith’s crack team specialises in finding ‘needle in the haystack’ employees, contractors and teams to build the next Big Data success stories.

Best thing about Big Data LDN?
Meeting the best Big Data talent over coffees, or stronger, and placing them on the best projects.


Head of Data Platform,
Ascential Plc

All day, every day, Neil and his team of data scientists, analysts and programmers create deeper insights than most. At Ascential, the specialist global information company, they ensure high-profile events like the Cannes Lions and Money2020, are more relevant than ever for busy delegates. Ascential demands the deepest insights, which Neil delivers in Scottish, as well as techspeak.

Best thing about Big Data LDN?
Taking on over-claiming tech vendors, refuting their hype and pioneering the genuinely new sh***.


Managing Director,
Intelligent Business Strategies

A respected rainmaker since before Big Data was even named, Mike consults with the largest tech vendors on strategy and positioning. His intensely-detailed work researching the market and vendor offerings find him on stages worldwide for much of the year. Not a man to skip the details, he likes his data deep.

Best thing about Big Data LDN?
Offering free research insights to the Big Data community and basking in their feedback, good and bad.


Head of Data Factory,
Thames Water

Head of Data Factory at Thames Water, Ross leads the team that purifies the data, abstracts the information and makes it flow to those who need it, delivering actionable insights. Ross has over 25 years of Data, Insight and Transformation expertise from working with many varied clients such as Birmingham City Council, BBC, British Gas, Npower, Severn Trent Water, Ordnance Survey and Sainsbury Group.

Best thing about Big Data LDN?
Analyse the trends and predict what to use next.


Positive Marketing

A recovering journalist and founder of Top 30 PR and content consultancy, Positive, which works with tech firms to build brands and make sales. Operating globally from London, this award-winning agency serves up content, social, PR and digital campaigns to clients from Finland to New Zealand and prides itself on a love of tech and a passion for the different.

Best thing about Big Data LDN?
Watching the tech market being eaten alive by data-driven businesses and Big Data LDN leading the agenda, because the best stories always win.


Event Director,
Big Data LDN

Once the main man in Internet conferences and exhibitions, Bill saw the potential early on to create a dedicated networking opportunity for the Big Data community. Four years on and Big Data LDN is now established as the premium event in the category. Yet, scarily, it feels like it’s only just begun.

Best thing about Big Data LDN?
The run-up to the show is a blur of activity, but the complimentary notes from satisfied exhibitors and delegates a few days afterwards make it all worthwhile.